New Smyrna Beach Water Damage Restoration: The Basics of What Causes it

Water damage is more common that most would think and some have never heard of water damage restoration, mold remediation and other disaster related home services.


Isolating water damage from the above list, you have one of the most destructive forces of nature pounding your home into a mass of rotting materials, full blown mold growth and a house that could possibly end up condemned if you don’t take action immediately.


Water or excessive moisture in the home is particularly bad for residents of New Smyrna Beach and Florida as a whole because of the climate conditions of the state and area.


Florida is prone to high humidity levels year round, and this is a common factor of water damage, particularily if the home lacks adequate ventilation in the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and utility room or garage where water heaters hang out.


We will cover the top 3 places you can check for the early warning signs of water damage within your home so that you can cath them before they become a problem, or to check to see if you need a professional to do an inspection.


You ready for our top 3 causes of water damage in New Smyrna Beach and Florida?


Let’s get to it.


1. AC drain clogs


Sediment, dust and direct get into your drain line and tray, clogging it up and causing the drop pan or line to overflow. Most of the time, these drain pans and lines clog because they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Some of your better plumbing companies offer a maintenance plan that is anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars a month, and they check and clean your lines quartely to make sure you avoid these problems.


I would suggest that the maintenance plan is much cheaper than water damage or a mold infestation… and a prudent move for the ones wise enough to follow this advice.


2. Leaking Roofs


I will spend more time on this than the others in our top 3 because this is where I have historically seen more homeowners and property owners make mistakes than anywhere else.


You should have your roof inspected annually or semi-annually to make sure that squirrels and other animals have not chewed through plumbing boots or flashing.


This is common and one of the most damaging of our top 3, because you don’t know it’s there and the averge homeowner can do a visual inspection and miss these issues. It’s really does take an expert to inspect your roof, and it’s only once a year.


Don’t find a home inspector for this, they are not highly trained and can go to a short school and become licensed, having ZERO real world experience in residential construction and/or remodeling.


If you listen to nothing else on this page, hear this clearly: You need an experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof once a year for pest damage and other potential slow leaks within your roofing system.


How it happens is an animal, mostly rodent species, sharpens their teeth on the roofing materials, flashing and what is known as plumbing jacks/boots. As they continue sharpening their teeth over time, they damage the roofing system at critical locations, causing slow, yet hidden leaks.


These leaks are slow and happen when it rains only for the most part. But each time you get a storm, shower or even dense fog, you are allowing water into your home.


You could end up with the following:


* Rotten wood from water damage (wood repeatedly wet).


* Wet wood invites termites to dinner, and your roof is now on the menu.


* The leak is slow at first, but slowing becomes worse and now you have soaked insulation that is going to breed spores, likely the dreaded black mold.


3. Water Based Appliances and bathroom accidents: These are the incidental causes.


An overflow of the bath-tub, dishwasher flooding the kitchen, washing machine flooding the laundry room, water heater or simple water line bursting in the wall, attic or other utility room.


These are a mix of human error or parts just wearing out and going bad. Most of these are preventable with maintenance and most problems with a dishwasher or washing machines seem few and far between, but they are more common than most think.


I personally know a couple of water damage restoration contractors in Orlando that remediates from 50 to 150 each month that fall into number 3 on this list, so it’s more common than most may think.


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